How can we help you develop your career in the next 12 months?

If you were asked this by your boss, do you know what you would say?

Its a question that’s been posed to me this week, and I’ll admit I’ve been a bit stumped by it. When jobs seem scarce on the ground at times, just keeping hold of mine has felt like enough. But I’m northern, and if a gift horse is on the loose I’m not likely to be asking it to open wide and say “ahhh”. :o)

Would you ask for something reasonable and achievable, or go for broke and ask for something bonkers hoping you’ll meet in the middle somewhere? Would you say you want to learn something that you’re interested in, something which may advance your career, or something that will help your employer? Have you been asked this before and wished you’d have given a better answer?

Tweet or DM me @Beth_AskHer with any insight you have on this.

One thought on “How can we help you develop your career in the next 12 months?

  1. Well, I’m only a few years off retirement, but I wanted to do the Rapid Software Testing course, and the company agreed. Admittedly, our client base does a lot of due diligence assessments, and so the company has a vested interest in being able to trumpet our testing credentials; and I’ve been doing testing since before the ISTQB was even thought of, so there were advantages on both sides. But I feel more energised from having done the RST course than I would have felt not doing it. That has to be worthwhile.


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