Postman Flows How To: Override Order Of Execution

This is a quick post to explain the 2 ways to link blocks together using the current version of Postman’s low/no code feature, Flows. (version 10).

TL:DR check out the video to see the flow in action, apologies for my somewhat noisy cat! šŸˆā€ā¬›

What are connectors?

As discussed by Postman, Postman Flows has two different types connecting one block to another:-

  • Connection – the solid line
  • Signal – the dotted line

We use connections as standard. But it is useful to know how and when to use signals. Signals change the default order of execution, so if you want to make sure that block B waits for block A to complete before kicking off, then use a signal to do this.

How To Add A Signal Connector

  • Click the grey dot in the bottom left hand corner of a block e.g. block A
  • Drag the block to the “On” box of the block you wish to pause e.g. block B
  • You should see a dotted line connect the two, and the On change to Off in block B

The Off indicator is telling us that block B will be considered switched off until block A has executed. During execution of the Flow, as block B executes its status indicator will change to On.

Tutorial Video

Youtube video demonstrating the two kinds of connectors

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, and weren’t too distracted by my pesky moggy. šŸ˜ŗ

Til next time!


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