Postman Flows How To: Generate Test Data

In this series of blog posts, I give short tutorials on how to accomplish something using Postman’s no/low code API feature Flows.

This time it is generating test data. If you need to run a set of steps repeatedly to create data before you can execute your tests, then here’s an easy way to do this, no code required.

1. Create a flow of the steps needed to generate data e.g. Send Request then x,y,z.
2. Add a Loop N Times Block, with an inbound connector of Number. Select how many iterations you wish to run in the number block (e.g. I want to create 5 bookings, so will enter 5)
3. After the loop N Times block, add a Create Data block. Inside this block, create a list pointing to /data (in other words, the numeric input to the block that you have created above)
4. Add a For Each block after the Create Data block. This will connect to your steps created in step 1 above, and tells flows that you want to iterate through the looped data. Ensure the For Each block is set to pick up /for
5. Run the Flow and check the data has been correctly generated, hurrah!

Here is a short video running through these in more detail.

Youtube video on how to generate test data using Postman Flows

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