2023 Gifts For Software Testers

Wait, you’re leaving/been promoted/done something awesome for us and we want to say thanks?

Need some thoughtful inspiration on what to buy for loved one or colleague who works in Quality Engineering(QE)/Quality Assurance (QA) that will put a smile on their face.

Here are my top tips:-


There have been several stellar software testing books released recently. Available digitally (hello last minute.com) or in good old fashioned paper form.

images of front covers of the software testing books mentioned


Often, us testers aren’t fortunate enough to work for an organisation with a huge personal training budget. So we miss out on anything that requires a subscription or paywall, which can make finding decent content a bit more tricky. Want to help?

screenshot from MoT website with reasons to go Pro

Other bits

Of course, most testers just want regular nice things as presents. But if you want to get something more generic, or even give them the choice of something to get that’s still thoughtful, maybe a voucher could do the trick?

  • Home Office Stuff – stuff to make that home environment a bit nicer – think plants, posh stationary, maybe a small whiteboard or a cool picture. Designworks do some great bits.
  • Gift Card – did you know you can get a Ministry of Testing gift card? Now you do! Lots of cool SWAG on there including Testsphere cards, would Heu-Risk-it and all the hoodies and caps a tester could wish for.
sample images of Designworks stationary

Please note – I am not sponsored by any of these people or companies, they are just genuinely things I think are good.

Hope it helps put a smile on the face of a QA who deserves it.

T’ra for now!


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