Beth Marshall

Collaborator, Writer and Speaker

Presenting the opening keynote at Testbash X Edinbugh, April 2022.

Hi. I’m Beth. Lovely to meet you.

I’ve been a Leeds (UK) based software tester for the past 15 years. I have worked on lots of super cool projects, from small scale IoT crowdfunded startups, all the way up to managing testing for the platform responsible for 50% of all global Foreign Exchange (FX) trading.

I’ve recently joined the amazing Quality Engineering Centre of Excellence team at Lloyds Banking Group, where my remit involves upskilling others, increasing the visibility of the bank’s incredible QE efforts externally and API quality. I’m also doing lots of community bits, including public speaking, workshops, podcasts and panels.

I am an active, proud and positive member of the Global Software Testing Community.

I was chosen by my tech hero Angie Jones as one of the “top 10 inspiring women in test to follow” and by Testlio as one of “7 powerful female QA leaders across the globe”. More recently, in 2023 Agile Testing Days chose me as one of their “100 women in tech to follow and learn from” and ThoughtFrameworks ranked me #1 in their “Top 23 Influential Women Ruling QA“.


Professional API Testing with 15 Days of Postman – livestream (Feb 2023)

TestAcademy Testing Masterclass, Barcelona, Feb ’23

November 2022: Lloyds QE Community Day, on site, Leeds
After seeing my Test Atelier talk, Lloyds twisted my arm to present at this large in-house QE day to approx 80 engineers.

November 2022. Podcast: Testing Peers
Guest appearance (think my third or poss fourth?) on this ever popular testing podcast, discussing Testing Conferences.

October 2022. Leeds Test Atelier Testing Portfolio’s: A What’s-In-It-For-Me Guide

April 2022. TestBash X Edinburgh. Opening keynote “Tapping your potential: A guide to Test Automation Portfolio’s”

Helped to create and deliver a presentation alongside The Testing Peers to University of Portsmouth Computer Science students entitled “The Testing Peers Guide to Software Testing”. Listen to me talk about the project with the Peers here.

Testing Advocacy with Karen Todd (YouTube)

Testers Island Discs
Recording June 2021
with Neil Studd

Synapse QA Teller Of Tales
Hear me read aloud my entry to the Synapse QA Super Writers Competition


Take a look at my contact page or use the links below to get in touch.


Test Automation University Course On API Automation Using Postman


Technical Trainer at the Coders Guild, creating and delivering workshops and interactive sessions to support Software Testing Apprentices in areas such as API Testing, Automation and how to have a Quality Mindset.

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