Postman Flows V2: What’s New

I’ve been wrapping my head around the latest Postman Flows early access release, and this one is a biggie. Of course it is still subject to further change still, but as outlined by the team in the linked post, the major changes to the current beta version of the low code API workflow feature calledContinue reading “Postman Flows V2: What’s New”

Postman Flows How To: Generate Test Data

In this series of blog posts, I give short tutorials on how to accomplish something using Postman’s no/low code API feature Flows. This time it is generating test data. If you need to run a set of steps repeatedly to create data before you can execute your tests, then here’s an easy way to doContinue reading “Postman Flows How To: Generate Test Data”

Postman Flows How To: Override Order Of Execution

This is a quick post to explain the 2 ways to link blocks together using the current version of Postman’s low/no code feature, Flows. (version 10). TL:DR check out the video to see the flow in action, apologies for my somewhat noisy cat! 🐈‍⬛ What are connectors? As discussed by Postman, Postman Flows has twoContinue reading “Postman Flows How To: Override Order Of Execution”

Postman Flows How To: Send A Message To Slack

Here’s a short tutorial post showing how you can fire off a message to your Slack channel when using Postman’s low/no code feature Flows. The good news is this is really easy, and you don’t need to know how to code to do this. TL:DR: Check out my short video here Setup 1. go toContinue reading “Postman Flows How To: Send A Message To Slack”

6 Essential Test Scenarios Using Postman Flows

TL:DR Use the links below to see a video on each Flow:- 📃1. Schema Testing🔐2. Security Testing🧑‍🏭3. Workflow Testing🚫4. Negative Testing🏃5. Performance Testing✅6. Positive Testing I recently volunteered at the awesome Ministry of Testing’s Testbash UK 2022. A huge draw for me was meeting the wonderfully talented Julia Pottinger who, with the backstage support ofContinue reading “6 Essential Test Scenarios Using Postman Flows”

Announcing my new role as interim QA Rel at Mailinator!

I’m very *very* excited to finally be able to say it out loud. As you may have heard, I’ve now left my previous role as Staff Quality and Test Engineer at Smoothwall. I’m genuinely thrilled to announce that for the next 2 months I’m going to be helping the team at Michigan based email testingContinue reading “Announcing my new role as interim QA Rel at Mailinator!”