Postman Flows V2: What’s New

I’ve been wrapping my head around the latest Postman Flows early access release, and this one is a biggie. Of course it is still subject to further change still, but as outlined by the team in the linked post, the major changes to the current beta version of the low code API workflow feature calledContinue reading “Postman Flows V2: What’s New”

Announcing my new role as interim QA Rel at Mailinator!

I’m very *very* excited to finally be able to say it out loud. As you may have heard, I’ve now left my previous role as Staff Quality and Test Engineer at Smoothwall. I’m genuinely thrilled to announce that for the next 2 months I’m going to be helping the team at Michigan based email testingContinue reading “Announcing my new role as interim QA Rel at Mailinator!”

A simple guide to upgrading to Selenium 4.0

What’s been going on? Yesterday (13th October 2021) was a big day in the Selenium world. 4.0 has finally made it as a stable release. What does this mean for me? According to the recent Mabl state of devOps report, Selenium is the tool of choice for the overwhelming majority of survey respondents using aContinue reading “A simple guide to upgrading to Selenium 4.0”