Postman Flows How To: Generate Test Data

In this series of blog posts, I give short tutorials on how to accomplish something using Postman’s no/low code API feature Flows. This time it is generating test data. If you need to run a set of steps repeatedly to create data before you can execute your tests, then here’s an easy way to doContinue reading “Postman Flows How To: Generate Test Data”

Postman Flows How To: Override Order Of Execution

This is a quick post to explain the 2 ways to link blocks together using the current version of Postman’s low/no code feature, Flows. (version 10). TL:DR check out the video to see the flow in action, apologies for my somewhat noisy cat! 🐈‍⬛ What are connectors? As discussed by Postman, Postman Flows has twoContinue reading “Postman Flows How To: Override Order Of Execution”

Postman Flows How To: Send A Message To Slack

Here’s a short tutorial post showing how you can fire off a message to your Slack channel when using Postman’s low/no code feature Flows. The good news is this is really easy, and you don’t need to know how to code to do this. TL:DR: Check out my short video here Setup 1. go toContinue reading “Postman Flows How To: Send A Message To Slack”

6 Essential Test Scenarios Using Postman Flows

TL:DR Use the links below to see a video on each Flow:- 📃1. Schema Testing🔐2. Security Testing🧑‍🏭3. Workflow Testing🚫4. Negative Testing🏃5. Performance Testing✅6. Positive Testing I recently volunteered at the awesome Ministry of Testing’s Testbash UK 2022. A huge draw for me was meeting the wonderfully talented Julia Pottinger who, with the backstage support ofContinue reading “6 Essential Test Scenarios Using Postman Flows”